Netflix All Set For It’s Entry In The Gaming Industry

by Shatakshi Gupta

Netflix is getting ready to make it’s debut in the gaming industry very soon. For this purpose,Netflix is also hiring an executive, who will take over all the responsibilities of Netflix’s gaming division at the global level. Actually, Netflix made announcements about the changes in the matter of content which will take place in near future. In such a situation, the company is all set for the launch of a new category. One among these would be the video gaming category. Netflix was coming across a number of challenges in older OTT content.

 Netflix will enter gaming industry

Netflix had decided to step into the gaming industry at a time when the gaming industry is booming andalso giving a lot of benefits due to the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown. Netflix has approached experienced gaming industry executives for hiring them. Even the company has created some gaming-based shows such as Stranger Things and La casa de papel (Money Heist) with an interactive programming a few days ago, highlighting Netflix’s foray into the gaming world.

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Company offering online subscriptions

As per the information, recently Netflix offered an online subscription to Apple Arcade as an option. Netflix’s gaming strategy is still in its preparatory stages. Due to this reason, much information is not available about it. However, according to the report, no advertisements will be used in game content.

Netflix’s N-Plus subscription offer

It has been reported by Netflix that the company can offer N-Plus subscription offers along with its video streaming subscription, which will provide information to it’s users about Podcasts, custom TV show playlists. N-Plus subscribers will also help in the production of pre-plan shows.

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