Netflix Show ‘Money Heist’ Skyrocketed and Earn 65 Million Views in just 20 days.

by Aditi

Countries including India are under lockdown due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Neither is trading nor is anyone coming out. In such a situation, the film world is also completely stalled. Neither cinema halls are open, nor are shooting of films going on. People are completely locked in the house and are spending more and more time on the phone. Between all this, the number of viewers watching online movies and series has increased considerably. People are watching their favorite movies and series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. And the series that remains the most talked about among the people at the moment is Netflix’s Spanish series ‘Money Heist’.

Money Heist has a tremendous advantage of lockdown. In India too, there is a different craze among the people regarding this series. The truth of this craziness is that ‘Money Heist’ has won the viewership of crores in just 20 days. ‘Money Heist’ overtook many of Netflix’s best series. According to the Hollywood Reporter website, ‘Money Heist, released on April 3, has seen 65 million people so far, 65 million people, whereas the earlier released’ Tiger King: Murder ‘has seen 34 million i.e. 3.4 crore people so far.

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Money Heist

How Netflix’s ‘Money Hist’ Becomes World Wide Hit Series With Flop Show

Money Heist is available in English on Netflix. However, it was produced in the Spanish language in the year 2017. The recently released documentary ‘Money Heist: The Phenomena’ on Netflix mentions that the show had flopped. Accordingly, Money Heist was first produced for Spanish TV channel Antina 3. Initially, the show got tremendous success, but gradually the graph fell.

It was decided to close after the second season. Netflix then bought the rights to the show and decided to show it to the whole world. Although Netflix initially didn’t do any publicity, audiences outside of Spain liked it and gradually became hit worldwide. With the help of Netflix, the third and fourth season also came.