The Best Collectible Figurine Brands You Should Know

by Madhvi Bansal

Collectibles represent the expression of your true personality. Each figurine will have its own character, unlike other home decors that are regular. Home décor using collectible figurines will help homeowners personalize it more. This personalization can be done by choosing a particular theme for each room and following it as a pattern. Finding your authentic collectible can be tricky as there are plenty of counterfeit products available in the market. The copy versions are cheap and will lack details. This is where true brands come into the picture as they offer a personal touch to your home decorations which are perfectly crafted. 

For someone who is fond of collectibles, knowing the right brand with more details to it would be helpful. Here we are about to list some of the top brands that offer perfectly crafted collectible figurines so that you can make your informed choices. 


meissen figurines

The brand which was selling collectibles since the 18th century can never go wrong. Meissen stays at the top of the list as it sells some of the expensive collectible figurines in the world. When it started first, they used this material called porcelain and they considered the material as ‘white gold’. If you are planning to buy a figurine from this brand, always make sure you are buying from a trusted partner. The logos at the bottom of figurines containing the crossed swords are even adopted by counterfeit products. The cost of the figurines will start with around 1000 USD and the larger and premium versions can spike up multiple times the basic ones. 

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Lladró Figurines

lladró figurines

The collectibles from Llodro are contemporary yet they fused the idea of 18th-century craftsmanship into their designs. Though the brand, owned by two brothers, wanted to adopt the figurines that are classic, they did not go with the same materials. Instead of using crystals, as it was common, this brand Lladró used the ceramic to establish their market. This has been popular since it was first launched in the year 1958 and you can able to find figures starting from 75 USD at an average to 25000 USD at the top on premium segments. The uniqueness of the collectible figurines from Lladro can be verified by either brand name or tulip logo. 

Disney Figurines

Disney Figurines

Kids and even adults love the characters from Disney. Figurines from Disney as gifts for your kids or even your friends can be special. Disney does not venture itself into making figurines on its own. But fortunately, they have collaborated with other brands to make figurines as collectible all these years. Disney has always been creating unique characters and they value them the most. In this way, when you purchase a Disney figurine with its brand logo, you can be so sure that the quality can never go compromised. The collectibles from Disney can also serve as memories of our childhood. Disney collectibles are not as expensive compared to the above brands that make collectibles out of porcelain or ceramics. 

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hummel figurines

If you are a collector who loves figurines that are based on children’s drawings, then Hummel is the one brand you should explore more. The name of the brand says it all. The figurines are inspired by the artworks of Sister Maria Hummel. This brand after acquiring the rights started it back in 1935 and still selling figurines that represent the drawings of Hummel. The prices of the figurines are not on the expensive side, you can buy them for around 50 USD to 75 USD. Some rare pieces of collectibles from Hummel that were made during World War II can be too expensive and can only be bought through auctions. 

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