Wearing saffron robes, PM Modi mediates in caves during Kedarnath visit

by Madhvi Bansal
Modi posts photos of Mountain

When the politicians are campaigning in different locations of their constituencies, PM Modi is on a two day visit to Kedarnath. On reaching Kedarnath, he started meditating on Saturday in a holy cave near the Kedarnath Temple. His meditation lasted till Sunday Morning which will be the last day for 7th phase of Lok Sabha elections 2019 campaigns. PM had to trek about two kilometres to reach the holy cave where he started meditation. On the request of the media persons, he allowed them to take the initial visuals of the cave however after that no media person was allowed to enter into the cave. 

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Photos shared on Twitter

BJP shared some photos on Twitter in which PM Modi, wearing a saffron-coloured robe, was meditating in the cave. He was seen offering prayers in the temple. In one of the photos, he can be seen bowing and folding his hands to the cave.  In photos, it can be seen that he was seated on the bed which was propped up with a pillow. He also shared some pictures of the scenic beauty of Uttrakhand with his 4.8 million followers on Twitter while on his way to Kedarnath Temple. A video of PM Modi is also shared in which he was speaking to the concerned officials about the development projects in Kedarnath. In the video, he can be seen dressed in the traditional pahari dress.

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Kedarnath Visit of PM 

On the first day of Kedarnath visit, PM Modi had taken the status of the Kedarnath Development projects that were undertaken after the floods of 2013. This visit of PM comes right a day ahead of the last phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 when parliamentary constituency Varanasi will vote along with 58 other constituencies. He is BJP’s candidate from the constituency of Varanasi for the second term. Election commission had given an approval to Narendra Modi for holy visit to Kedarnath with a reminder that model code of conduct is in force. Uttarakhand s BJP President Ajay Bhatt reported that PM Modi is just on the spiritual visit.

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