These Are The New Changes In JEE And NEET Exam; NTA Answers All The Queries

by Shatakshi Gupta

There was a lot of confusion among students preparing for the competitive exam of JEE and NEET. When will it happen? how will it happen? what will be the syllabus? What will be the pattern and mode?  These were some of the questions that no one had the answer and due to this, there was anxiety and tension among the students. No one could answer these questions, it was the government and testing agency NTA’s responsible for deciding everything.

 Now the government and the NTA have decided everything about JEE. But what is new in that? What was not the last time but this time will be in the exam?  Some things have changed which many of you may know, but do you know that the exam pattern of JEE has changed? What is the answer to the question you asked the NTA? Is there any arrangement for free coaching this time?

 How did the NTA answer your questions?

 Actually, on the NTA’s website, children asked some questions about JEE 2021. Among these questions, NTA has released a set the most frequently asked of them, including the answers.

 What is the use of multiple sessions in JEE?

 Answer – This will provide many opportunities to children to do well. If the child is not doing well in the first attempt, then he can correct his mistakes in the next.  In this order, every candidate will have 4 opportunities to give their best.

 Do you have to fill different forms to sit in each session?

 NTA’s answer – No it is not. A candidate can apply for one or more sessions from a single application form. While filling the form, he has to fill in which session the candidate wants to participate in.

Has the exam pattern changed?                                                                       

 Answer – Yes some changes have been made in the exam pattern.  This would benefit children whose board had shortened the syllabus and could not read everything.  Now 90 questions will be asked instead of 75 but one can only attempt 75 questions.

 What’s new in the pattern?

 The government was not able to clear the syllabus confusions of students in time, but the pattern has been given that no child is harmed. Every time 25 questions were asked from all subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Maths), but this time their number has been increased to 90.

Out of these three subjects, 30 questions will be asked instead of 25, but there are only 25 to do.   30 questions will come from every subject, out of which 20 will be MCQ and 10 will be numerical. 

 The government did this because some state boards, including the CBSE, had also shortened their syllabus, that is, the students did not read fully. While there is no change in the syllabus of JEE, the children who have covered the entire syllabus will be benefited.  Keeping this in mind, the government gave the option, that is, children can adopt what they have read, except what they have not read.

 According to experts, the paper will be designed so that no child is harmed. There is also no minus marking in the numerical. Apart from this, this decision of the government will also increase the confidence of children.

 Provision of free online class

The government has a program named DIKSHA, under this, 80 thousand e-books prepared by CBSE, NCERT and States / Union Territories are available for 12th standard in all languages ​​of the country.  Apart from this, separate E-notes are also available here for all competitive exam after 12th. Study material can also be accessed through QR codes. This app can be downloaded through iOS and Google Play Store.

NTA used to give free coaching at 2 to 3 thousand centres every year. But this time due to Corona, this could not be possible. But, study materials are being made available on the NTA website. You can also watch a video lecture by visiting the NTA website. Video lectures of different subjects are available on the NTA website.

 What is the schedule of JEE?

 JJEE a.k.a IIT entrance examination will be in 4 phases for the first time. According to data, every year about 12 to 15 lakh students sit in the JEE exam.  But, this time their number may increase, due pandemic several thousand children were not able to sit in the JEE exam, who will definitely sit this time. Keeping this in mind and in view of Corona, the government has decided to conduct the JEE exam in 4 phases for the first time.

 NTA has started taking online application forms for the first phase. Its last date is 16 January 2020. The portal will open for correction on January 19, through which you will get a chance to rectify the mistakes made in the application form.

 What is the schedule of NEET?

 NEET entrance exam takes place in summer. There was confusion among the students about this too. Like how many phases will happen and when.  The seats are few in this exams as compared to JEE, so its exam will be the same as it has been before. MHRD has informed that online application forms will be taken in March, while online correction will be done in April and admit card will be available in May. The remaining information will be released by the last week of January or by February 2021.

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Is there any change in the syllabus?

 The CBSE had shortened its syllabus in view of Corona. There were reports that the government could shorten the syllabus of JEE and NEET.   Students were quite confused about what to read and what to leave. Some students had also started preparing for IIT according to CBSE, but the government made it clear that there will be no change in the syllabus.