NRC Through The Frame Of Chetan Bhagat

by TrendingNews Desk

The name in the title is not new for anyone, Mr. Bhagat remains in limelight for one or the other reason. He is one of the best seller author and a popular columnist in some reputed national newspapers. He is again a hot topic among people due to one of his columns and a blog written by him on NRC that states, Why NRC must be shelved out? So, let’s see what the whole matter is.

Mr. Bhagat was an ardent follower of Modi earlier, he endorsed and supported most of the works of the current government but this time his opinion very contrasts with that of government. He not only wrote but also gave an interview to NDTV to convey his opinion to a large mass, despite having 12.6 million followers on Twitter.

Chetan Bhagat did not criticize the government on communal lines, which most of the protestors are doing, he has some different issues with NRC. He opined that NRC is not desirable for our country at this point in time as it is a very expensive, gargantuan and pointless exercise for which he gave many reasons. He replied to those who are saying that there is no draft of rules on NRC then why to panic? He urged to ponder us that if there would be Very easy norms for inclusion in NRC like showing voter ID or testimony of 3 persons, then every person in this country will be in NRC and such expensive exercise will go in vain. But if norms will be very hard to get into the list then many will be weeded out, mostly those belonging to the poor sections of the country. He also raised questions on the implementation of the registration process for NRC, to be done by the government, he showed concerns on what if so-called Sarkari Babus fixed their rates for inclusion, then rates will be proportional to the toughness of the rules. So in his opinion, both situations are not workable.

Mr. Bhagat not only explained the unnecessity of the NRC from the above two points, but he also gave his column an economic touch and described why it is economically unviable. Regarding infiltrators many people have only one apprehension that these infiltrators are draining the resources of India, his answer to those people was, that they are also adding up in the GDP of our country as they are also working in this country. He also said that let’s assume an ideal situation in which no one is corrupt and bureaucracy is very supportive and of good behavior and execution of NRC goes well and the framed Register weeded out 5 percent of total population as illegal immigrants, then what government will do with such a large population, so he opined that it is better that they work and contribute in GDP for such matter he quoted an example- If it’s easier to plant a few more mango trees, are you going to spend your entire year chasing the village kids who stole a couple of mangoes?

Also, he questioned the intent of the government and the image of the current regime in a particular minority section. He suggested that the timing of the exercise is not correct as recently government scrapped off Article 370,  followed by Ayodhya judgment, came so all this is seen as Hindu victories in India, so this increases the possibility of unrest and instability in our country.

He suggested the government ponder on the economic front which is continuously degrading and to stop working on NRC at least for now.

As this article published, he also gave an interview on NDTV and tweeted that those who do not like to read can watch my views.

He faced the rage of many BJP supporters but he answered most of them with a polite dissent reply.

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