Spirituality Blended With Luxury: Soon The Saryu River Of Ayodhya Will Have Luxury Cruises Based On Ramcharitmanas Theme

by Shatakshi Gupta

The UP government is very pro-active in making the religious and spiritual places of Uttar Pradesh more tourist-friendly and attractive. In the series of such efforts, the government is going to start the ‘Ramayana cruise service’ on the river Saryu near Ayodhya.  This cruise service will be reminiscent of the legend of Lord Rama. This will be the first of its type of luxury cruise service on Saryu river.

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 The objective of starting this cruise service is to make tourists and pilgrims, coming to Ayodhya, have a memorable experience of a divine journey. In this direction,  Union minister of state Port, Shipping and Waterways Mansukh Mandavia held a review meeting on Tuesday and reviewed the preparations for starting the cruise service.  A statement issued by the ministry said, “Ayodhya’s Saryu river will be the first of its kind luxury cruise service. Its aim is to provide a luxurious experience to the devotees with a kind of spiritual journey through the famous ghats of the holy river. The cruise will be equipped with security and other facilities.”

Features of the cruise

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 This cruise will be equipped with all the luxury facilities as well as necessary safety and security facilities to global standards.  Cruise interiors and boarding points will be based on the theme of Ramcharitmanas.

 The fully air-conditioned 80-seater cruise will feature large glass windows to experience the natural beauty of the ghats. The cruise will be equipped with kitchen and pantry facilities. It will have a bio-toilet and a hybrid engine system for ‘zero impact’ on the environment. This cruise service will run for 15 to 16 kilometres across the Saryu River. Moreover, a 45 to 60 minutes feature film will be shown to people based on Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas.

Tourism potential in Ayodhya

 According to UP tourism statistics, about 2 crore tourists visit Ayodhya every year. After the completion of the Ram temple, it is believed that the influx of tourists will increase further. The ‘Ramayana Cruise Tour’ will not only attract a large number of tourists, but it will also create direct and indirect employment opportunities in the region.

Besides, the government has already announced the creation of huge infrastructure for beautifying Ayodhya. The aim of the government is to make Ayodhya a global tourist destination. Soon, the city will have an international airport. On the other hand, construction work for Satsang Bhawan and Dasarath Mahal is already in progress.