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Ranu Mondal’s Daughter Hits Back at Trolls

by Madhvi Bansal

The Internet has become an effective catalyst in bringing fame to people who wouldn’t have even thought of entering the glamour world. Ranu Mondal, who has recently become an internet sensation when a video of her singing the song ‘Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma’ at Ranaghat Railway Station in West Bengal went viral. She has since then become a social media sensation because of her singing and her being a meme-inspiration, which is often attributed to her attitude. Recently, a photo of her wearing a really loud make-up went viral which invited a plethora of trolls and memes. The make-up artist later claimed that the photo to be fake. 

Elizabeth Sathi Roy, daughter of Ranu Mondal hits back at the trolls who have been attacking her mother on social media lately. She said that she feels sad that her mother is being trolled that way. She further adds that her mother has always had an attitude problem which often lands her in trouble. She feels sad for some who have struggled so much in life to be a regular target of trolls and memes. 

Elizabeth Sathi Roy it’s unnecessary for her mother to walk the ramp since she is a singer, not a model. She shot up to fame suddenly which didn’t give her the required time to groom herself or even polish her talent of singing. Sathi opines that it is cheap for people to mock her. She has come from a financially backward background and thus, does not possess the mannerisms of hi-fi people. 

Sathi further adds that her mother recently asked the people who were trying to take a selfie with her to not touch her. It is the common man who has made her famous by making her video viral. They are venting their anger towards her attitude by trolling her and making memes on her. 

Despite all the trolling and negative publicity surrounding her, she is hopeful that people will adore Ranu Mondal for her singing and listen to her music.

Ranu Mondal shot to fame when her video went viral on social media, she was then invited to a reality television show where Himesh Reshammiya was a judge. Impressed with her voice, Himesh Reshammiya requested her to provide vocals to the songs in his upcoming films Happy Hardy and Heer. She, thus, recorded three songs with Himesh Reshammiya. Ranu Mondal is a perfect rag to riches story in contemporary times.

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