Sputnik Makers Introduced New Single Dose Vaccine Sputnik Light; Can Be A Game Changer

by Shatakshi Gupta

The makers of the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V have succeeded in developing a single-dose vaccine for COVID-19. The name of this vaccine is Sputnik Light and it is 79.4% effective against the infection. It is a new vaccine of the same Sputnik family, which is currently being used in 60 countries of the world. India has also approved Sputnik-V. Its first shipment has arrived in India on May 1st. Therefore, it is expected that its new single-shot vaccine may be approved in the country in the coming time. Notably, NITI Aayog has ordered 200 viles for testing in India.

Sputnik Light is developed by the Gamalaya Research Institute of Moscow.  Like Sputnik-V, it is also financed by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).CEO of RDIF Kirill Dimitriev told that its price worldwide would be less than $10.

 The phase-3 trial of this vaccine involved 7000 people. The trials were conducted in Russia, UAE and Ghana. Data of trials was analysed 28 days later. The results found that this vaccine is effective on all new strains of the virus. Its data suggests that it is more effective than many other double dose vaccines.

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How it could be a game-changer?
  • The overall efficacy of Sputnik Light is 79.4%. Antibodies increased up to 40 times after 10 days in 100% of people who were inoculated.
  • Immune response was developed in all vaccinatedpersons against the S-protein of the coronavirus.
  • As this vaccine is a single dose vaccine, so a large population can get a jab in a short period.
  • The logistics cost of this vaccine is low. It can be stored at 2 to 8 degrees of temperature. This will enable it to be transported easily.
  •  This vaccine is also effective for people who have had corona infection before.
  • The risk of severity of symptoms will decrease after the vaccine is applied. The patient will not need to be hospitalized.
India approved 3 vaccines so far

 It is a viral vector vaccine. It uses the adenovirus ChAD0x1 found in chimpanzee to produce a spike protein similar to that of the coronavirus. It develops protection against those spikes. Which ultimately gives protection from the virus.


It is developed in a traditional manner of using the attenuated virus. In other words, the dead virus is injected into the body. This causes antibody response and the body produces antibodies to detect and fight the virus.

  • Sputnik-V:

 It is also a viral vector vaccine.  But unlike COVISHIELD, it is made up of two viruses rather than one.  Both doses of this vaccine contain different vectors.

1.5 lakh doses of SPUTNIK-V has reached India

Amid the paucity of vaccines in the country, the government had approved the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V. Its first shipment came to India on May 1.Dr. Reddy’s Lab, which is manufacturing this vaccine in the country, said that we have received the first shipment of 1.5 lakh doses after DCGI’s approval. People will start getting this vaccine in a few weeks.

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