Lost Android Phone? Here Is How You Can Track Your Stolen Or Lost Device

by Shatakshi Gupta

Mobile phones have become indispensable in our lives. In such a scenario we keep our very important stuff in our phones. Many times we loose our phone, which cost us very dearly in terms of money as well as important data. If you are looking for your lost or stolen Android phone then you have come to the right place.  Today, we will tell you how you can trace your lost Android phone. 

You can lock your missing Android phone in addition to finding it again through Google’s Find My Device or website.  And if you want, you can erase all the data too.  At the same time, Samsung’s mobiles also have an additional feature called ‘Find My Mobile’, so that you can track your lost device. 

How to use Google’s Find My Device app?

 Google’s Find My Device service is available on the website besides the Android app.  To use it, first one has to sign in to Google Account.  After this, registered devices will automatically appear on the screen.  Now, you can make a sound play to locate your device.  Apart from this, you can also secure it by locking the device, deleting personal data and displaying the message on the screen.  That is, your Android phone must be connected to your Google Account to do all these tasks like finding, locking and erasing data on your Android phone in web page emergency. 

Apart from this, the phone should be turned on and connected to the Internet.  If you have registered multiple Android devices with the same email address, then make sure that you go to the menu and choose the right device.

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Recently with an update Google has released some new features in its search results page.  Now, users will be able to locate any registered device through their account directly from the search result.  Search phrase like ‘where is my phone?’  If you use, you can know the location of your device.  Once the location is found, you can use the ring function.  For this function, you will have to select the ring option and ring it.

 There is no need to worry even if you do not have a laptop.  You can use someone else’s phone to track the phone. Instead of using your phone’s browser, you can use the Find My Device app.  You can sign in using guest mode and Google account username-password.  By doing this you can do things like tracking your lost device, ringing, wiping data.  Make it clear that if this method does not work in your device, then your phone is probably not connected to the Internet.  If so, try until it is reconnected to Google’s service.

 How to use Samsung’s Find My Mobile app?

 Your device must be connected to the Internet.  Apart from this, you must have a Samsung account and the device should be registered with it.  Before using ‘Find my mobile’ remotely it will need to be setup on your Samsung phone.  By doing this you will be able to get remote access of your device when needed.

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 If you have a Samsung device, you can find your lost phone using Samsung’s tracking service ‘Find my mobile’. You will need a Samsung account.  Before losing the device it is necessary that you have registered the device. If you had registered the device, then go to the Find my mobile website and sign in. 

After that select the left sidebar and confirm that your device is connected to your account.  Now, you will need to select the ‘Locate my device’ option and then tap on the Locate button.  If your device is connected to the internet, then you will be able to track its most accurate location. You can also do things like lock and ring the device through the Find My mobile app.