Who are the most successful Big Brother winners ever?

by Madhvi Bansal
Big brother

Participating in Big brother is nothing less than trying your luck in gambling. When the first season was launched, nobody knows that this reality show is going to transform the life of contestants stepping into the doors of Big brother’s house. Since then Big Brother has become the house to gain popularity and far more successful. 

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 Craig Phillips 

Season 1 of Big Brother was a life changing show for Craig Phillips. He had not only won this show but had never turned back in his career. His sweet decision to donate the prize won to his friend for treatment had also enabled him to earn love and popularity from his fans and others too.    Since winning the Big Brother Season 1, Craig has been able to establish the property development business. He has also appeared in more than 800 TV shows after winning the Big brother show.

Brian Dowling

 Brian Dowling was a charismatic, funny and entertaining participant in Big Brother Season 2. There were number of incidents, like his rivalry with Josh or banter with Narinder, which happened in Season 2 which shows that he has some X-factor.  After leaving the house of Big Brother as a winner, Brian has got a new celebrity status. He had also topped ‘Ultimate Big Brother’.

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Brian Belo 

Brian Belo entered into the Big Brother’s house in season 8 and he was the first late entrant to win the show. After winning the show, his profile search on internet has rocketed.  Within few of becoming winner of Big Brother, Brian had appeared in multiple TV shows and also made his first West End stage debut in The Vegemite Tale. His success story doesn’t ends here.  His popularity insisted the producers to let him become regular on ‘Big Brother’s Big Mouth’ and ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’.

Nadia Almada

 She has done pretty well for herself after leaving the house of Big Brother as a winner in Season 5.  After becoming the show, she appeared in the Kit Kat ad and launched her workout DVD. She also tried her luck in pop career. She launched her first and only single, ‘A Little Bit of Action’ and this album was able to reach on list of top albums. After the show she had made enough money to attend the beauty school. Now she is a well known professional hair stylist in London.