Recovered Patients In Delhi Are Contracting COVID Again; How Risky Is This?

by Shatakshi Gupta

Two patients who have been discharged from Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital have been confirmed to have corona again. Both patients gave information about this by calling Rajiv Gandhi Hospital. One of them is asymptomatic.

 Dr Ajit Jain, the nodal officer of the hospital’s COVID Care, told how the two patients contracted the infection again, the cause of this has not yet been known.  A team of the hospital is working on this.  It is possible that due to sampling error, patients have been found positive again.  He said that due to sampling error many times the reports of patients come wrong.

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Ajit Jain said that a patient was found in China who came back positive 30 days after the antibody test.  He told that test can be done with any method, but there is a possibility of more or less sampling error. Dr Ajit Jain said that both these patients were discharged about one and a half months ago.  The second possibility, he said, is that the virus can survive for up to 39 days in sputum or mucus instead of a nose or throat swab.

On this Delhi Health Minister, Satyendra Jain said some doctors claim that no concrete evidence has yet been found as to whether the cured person may have corona again.  However, the way the patients have been confirmed to be COVID positive again, it is definitely a matter of concern. Jain said that so far experts believe that people do not contract infection again, but rather a dead virus which becomes a positive show.  Results can come in this manner within 1-2 months.  So far, no such case has been reported that after 2-3 months there has come a positive.

The Health Minister further informed that in Delhi, the Containment Zones are being made very small, if there are 2-3 cases anywhere, then we are making them a Containment Zone.