Coronavirus Cases Crossed 20 Million Marks Worldwide; The U.S. Is The Most Affected Country

by Shatakshi Gupta

Coronavirus infection in the world crossed the 20 million mark on Sunday.  It took 180 days for the 1 crore infections to happen after the first case surfaced on 31 December and it took just 43 days to infect another 1 crore people.  In the United States, Brazil and India alone, 50% of the total cases are present, i.e., more than 1 crore patients. The first case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China on 31 December, which crossed the 1 crore mark by 27 June.

 The U.S. alone has 85% of cases of North America

The most affected continent in the world is North America.  There have been 60 lakh 62 thousand 281 cases of infection here.  Of these, 32 lakh 30 thousand 863 people have been cured, while 2 lakh 33 thousand 895 have died.  85% of the infected here are in the US only.  Till now the U.S. has reported more than 51 lakh cases.


 Brazil has the highest number of patients in South America

 So far more than 47 lakh cases of infection have been reported in South America.  Out of these, 20 lakh 94 thousand 293 people have been cured.  At the same time, 1 lakh 58 thousand 387 have died.  The most infected country here is Brazil, where there are more than 30 lakh 35 thousand patients.

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India has the highest number of Cases in Asia


There are more than 50 lakh cases in Asia.  45% of these cases are in India only.  More than 22 lakh cases of infection have been reported here.  At the same time, more than 1 lakh people have died in Asia.  Iran has reported 3,24,000 cases, which is highest after India.

Condition of Europe

 There have been over 3 million cases of infection in Europe.  Of these, 18 lakh 16 thousand 547 people have been cured.  At the same time, 2 lakh 5 thousand 948 deaths have taken place. From March to May, cases in Spain, Italy, and France grew rapidly.  At the moment, the most infected country in Europe is Russia.  Where there are more than 8 lakh 82 thousand patients.

Situation in Africa

 In Africa, the infection rate has crossed 1 million.  4 lakh people have been cured here, while around 23 thousand deaths have been done.  The most infected country here is South Africa.  There are 5.53 lakhs infected in the country.  According to a UN report, the epidemic is a major threat to the development of Africa.  It can push many people into poverty.