Flixanity – Watch your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Online

by Madhvi Bansal

Streaming services are increasing day by day! Internet is flooded with free movie and TV show streaming web portals and apps. When a movie lover tries to find a favorite movie or a TV show online they often end up in vague websites that are poorly designed. Other than issues related to poor designs or navigation it often ends up in sites that do not even have the actual link for the movie or show. It can be frustrating when you are all set to watch a movie on a weekend night. This is where you need to discover the right path to watch your favorite movies or television shows and you have got Flixanity. As it claims, it truly offers new ways to find and watch your favorites online.

Seamless navigation experience 

Flixanity, the movie streaming website, is professional and finest to the core in terms of design and navigation. At times we get lost during navigation in search of a particular movie. Some of the free streaming sites will take you to different links and make you watch your favorites full of ads. This is where Flixanity differs from the rest of the lot. This streaming site also does show ads but will not take you somewhere using do-follow links to watch the movies. This website claims that it only hosts videos and clips from other streaming sites that are popular. In order to make this possible Flixanity uses unique iframes to stream those videos from the original source. A user watching at this website application will not even know that it has been sourced from other streaming sources.

Register for a better movie experience

As soon as you reach the Flixanity website, you will be able to see the list of movies and shows on the home page itself. In most streaming portals, you can see the list and in order to navigate or search for something, you need to register. Here at Flixanity, you can browse through all the list of movies and shows without registering. It is even possible for you to watch the movie or show from the available list without signing up. But Flixanity recommends users to register for greater movie streaming experience. By signing up, you can able to add any number of movies and episodes to your playlists. This way you can keep track of unwatched videos and TV episodes and stay up to do date.

Registering at Flixanity can be done in a matter of minutes. All you need is to set a username and password along with your working email address. Once you have given all the required details, you can register to receive a confirmation email. As soon as you confirm, you can able to start watching movies or TV seasons immediately. Unlike other popular streaming portals and apps that charge huge money on a monthly or yearly basis, Flixanity allows you to access the complete database for free.

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Finding your favorite Movie or Show


This movie streaming website offers a unique easy-to-navigate experience. In order to find your favorite movie from the huge list of available movies, browse the ‘Movie’ at the top menu. As you land on the page, it is possible to find suggested lists that are based on an internal algorithm. To get started, type what you are looking for and sort the list based on the date in which it was released,

trending or classic, popular movie lists and even based on user rating or rating from the trusted IMDb. When you are not sure about the movie title, you can look for other options like the genre to narrow down things. You can always search with the name of actors, co-actors or even with the name of the director.

When it comes to finding your favorite television that was aired long back and considered classic, you can binge-watch here at Flixanity without actually paying for it. It is now possible to find your TV show and watch all the seasons at once. As soon as you complete an episode from a particular season, you will be redirected to the next episode seamlessly. If you are someone who lives outside of the US or UK, you will find this streaming site useful because of the subtitles. If you are fortunate enough, you can even find TV shows with subtitles in your own languages.

When you have found the movie from the list, you can always read more about it before actually choosing it to watch. You can watch the trailer of the movie and know about the crew and genre. Finally, when you have no idea whether to watch or not, you can always trust the user rating given for each movie to make an informed decision. In case of broken links, you can always look for alternate links for the same movie or shows here at this streaming website.

What is New at Flixanity?

The ‘New’ at the top menu offers the latest information and insights for users at Flixanity. This menu enables you to find what is new in theatres and what are the new trailers have been added this week or month and more. It even allows you to browse through the new episodes that are released recently from your favorite TV shows and find the show schedules if you are planning to watch it on television. It is not just about TV series and movies anymore, here at Flixanity viewers can even able to watch the latest and popular episodes from reality shows, stand up comedy, daily shows, celebrity show interviews and much more.

Registered users at Flixanity can add movies to the wish list and watch it later. One of the most important aspects of this streaming website is that you can watch in any medium without any user count restrictions. There are plenty of genres to choose from, including, but not limited to, action, sci-fi, and adventure. Bookmark the website and enjoy your favorite movies on the go from your Android or Apple smartphones.

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