Must-Try Tricks: These Features Of Google Assistant Will Make Your Life Much Easier

by Shatakshi Gupta

Nowadays, virtual assistants are becoming indispensable to us. These virtual assistants obviously make our life so easy. Through them, we can perform various tasks without touching devices physically.

Among these virtual assistants, Google Assistant is one of the most sophisticated assistants. Whether you want to listen to news or songs of your choice or to ask anything, you can done this simply by asking Google Assistant. Today we will tell you about some cool features of Google Assistant here, which you might not be aware of and these features will help you a lot in your daily life.

  • Translating any language

You can take the help of Google Assistant to translate any language. For this, we have to launch Google Assistant either through a long press home button or by saying hello Google first. After this simply speak your sentence which you want to translate and add translate this in this language ( your desired language). Doing so will allow Google Assistant to translate immediately. For example, You can simply say, “google you are an impressive assistant, Translate this in Hindi”.

  • Fetch real-time traffic information

 Before leaving anywhere, you can know the traffic situation around you through Google Assistant. For this, you have to say hello/ok google. After this, you have to say “traffic update near me”. As soon as you say this, the entire map will open in front of you and Google will tell you the condition of the traffic by speaking.

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  • Currency converter

 You can know the exchange rate of any currency in the world with any other currency.  For this, you have to say hello/ok Google and say the amount, which you want to convert into another currency. For example, say, “ Convert 100 rupees into US dollars”. After this, Google itself will speak and give you information about the exchange rate.

  • Assistance in daily routine

You can do everyday tasks like making calls,setting alarms, starting a timer, playing music etc. through Google Assistant. For this, you just have to give a command to Google Assistant.  After this Google will do your work immediately. Besides, you can set reminders on Google. For example, If you have to take medicine on time, then you can simply tell google about this and Google will remind you at that time.

  • Read stuff for you

If you are browsing on Google Chrome on your Android device, then you can say “read it” to the Google Assistant with a webpage open, and you will get the text of the page spoken back to you.

  • Other interesting features

You can take screenshots, by simply saying “take screenshot”.

If your phone has Google cam, then you can instruct google assistant to click picture in few seconds.

You can flip a coin or roll a dice by simply asking it for.       

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