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Labrador’s Salute to Top Army Commander Goes Viral And Wins Internet

by Madhvi Bansal

Pet videos and pictures of animals have always grabbed our attention and we all love it! It can be a stress buster for many as they are adorable. But not always that you witness a picture of Labrador showing respect to a top army officer with an adorable salute. This picture has gone viral now for the past few days and wins the internet for obvious reasons.

Though this respectful gesture from the Labrador was not something new for the army officials, the general public on the internet is in awe. As soon as the picture was shared first, it has gone viral. This golden Labrador named Menaka has been serving the army as a k9 soldier, as per the sources.

While explaining things to the ANI, one of the army officers said that the picture was taken long back on July 1, 2019, which is said to be the first day of Amarnath Yatra – 2019. When asked further about it, the officer said that the Labrador was on his duties near the holy cave. Then when the corps commander Lt. Gen Dhillon reached the nearby location to the holy cave for darshan, the Labrador saluted the senior officer.

Though the picture was taken on July 1, 2019, it recently has gone viral as Lt. Gen Dhillon, the corps commander, shared it on his twitter handle on Dec 14, 2019. After it was first posted by the commander, the twitter fans started sharing it and made it viral. The twitter fans are all in praise for the commander for sharing such as an adorable picture of the Labrador saluting with such grace. According to twitter fans, they feel it is indeed a great gesture for the canine. Another comment from a twitter user said it was a priceless moment to witness it and a popular tweet said: “One warrior salutes another warrior”. Even some of the top personalities re-tweeted this picture and shared their thoughts.

“#RVC Day Salute to the Buddy who saved many lives many a time,” said the army commander while sharing this picture in his official twitter handle. It has been shared and liked extensively by twitter fans. In the picture, we could able to see that the Corps commander also salutes back to the canine. Whenever an army dog salutes it is a tradition for the top army officials to accept it by saluting back. This is exactly what happened on the RVC Day on Dec 14, 2019, while the picture was captured.

The Remount and Veterinary Corps, active since 1779, is where all the army dogs and other animals including the Labrador Menaka get nurtured and trained. Apart from training and rearing the military animals, RVC is said to have offered veterinary assistance in many remote villages under a government project. With all due respect to the army animals which saved several lives all through the years, the corps commander shared the picture of Labrador dog saluting him on RVC Day.

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