Naya Rivera died at 33; drowning is reason for death as per autopsy reports

by Shatakshi Gupta

Naya Rivera, an American Actress was found dead after the search operation which lasted for six consecutive days. The 33-year-old actress, Naya, gained popularity with her TV musical comedy Glee Fame. The body of this actress was recovered from Lake Piru, South California.  A Ventura County Sheriff’s official said Naya was missing for the past six days.

On July 8, her four-year-old son José was found alone in a boat on the lake side from which her corpse was recovered.  This boat was taken on rent by Naya. Her son, Jose told police that his mother left him alone on boat and went swimming.

Now the autopsy report of the actress had been released by The Ventura County, according to which the reason for her death has been told to be drowning. The Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed that Naya Rivera died of drowning.  The actress’s body was found floating on 13 July in Lake Piru, Southern California.  In a statement issued on July 14, the office said that he died due to accidental drowning.

 No traumatic injury or disease had been identified in her autopsy report.  Apart from this, no drugs or alcohol had been found in her body.  It is clear from the autopsy report that the actress died due to drowning. As police, Naya’s son said that Rivera first helped him climb onto the boat and when he ‘looked back she was lost in the water’.

 Releasing the statement, police said that Naya Rivera had gone out on a rented boat with her four-year-old son for swimming.  For a long time, when she did not return with the boat, the police was informed about this.  On July 8, his four-year-old son Jose was found alone in a boat on the lake side from which her corpse had been recovered.

Rivera gained fame specially in 2005 after she played, her role of a lesbian teen, Santana Lopez.  This show ran from 2009 to 2015.