A Step Towards Digital India: Reliance Is Planning To Sell 5G Smartphones At 2500-3000 Rupees

by Shatakshi Gupta

Reliance is now working on making the cheapest 5G smartphone for Indians, which will cost less than Rs 5,000, after making a grand entry in the broadband market through Jio fiber.  If this effort of Reliance Jio brings colour, then there will be a revolution in the Indian smartphone market.  The company has also said that initially it will be priced at around 5000 rupees, but later if demand increases, it will be priced at 2500 or 3000 rupees.

 The target of 200-300 million users

 A Reliance official has said that the company is targeting 200-300 million phone users and is working on a 5G smartphone plan for them.  Currently, these users are using basic 2G phones.  The Internet has become the biggest need of the present time, in such a situation, Reliance is working on providing cheap 5G smartphones for the people.  Currently, the price of 5G smartphones in India is very high and the 5G network has not even started in India.

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Reliance made deal with Google

 During the 43rd AGM, Mukesh Ambani, chairman and MD of Reliance Industries, had said that the American tech company will collaborate with Reliance to build a cheap Android smartphone operating system.  In such a situation, it is believed that Google’s help will be taken to make the operating system for Reliance’s cheap 5G smartphones. Ambani had also announced Rupees 33,737 crore investment by Google for a 7.7 per cent stake in Jio Platforms 

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At present, the Indian government has not even allotted the spectrum for 5G network in the country.  Reliance has sought permission from the government for testing 5G networks. 

After 4G Reliance is now targeting 5G

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 Notably, Reliance is currently providing the cheapest JioPhone 4G smartphones to the people in India, which costs 699 rupees.  Along with this, the company has also brought JioPhone2, which costs 2999 rupees.  Now Reliance is going to create a furore in the Indian smartphone market by making the cheapest 5G phone, which people are eagerly waiting for.