Top Celebrities Who Opts For Surrogacy

by Madhvi Bansal

Surrogacy has become a trendy way among the people to become parents. It is the best alternative for couples who are unable to conceive their own baby. Instead of undergoing IVF treatment and other medications to conceive, surrogacy is the safer method to have your babies. These days, there are lots of couples who choose surrogacy over despite the fact that they already have their own babies. 

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Though, the concept of surrogacy was there since long but it has got popularity after when many celebrities opted for surrogacy. Here is the list of some celebrities who have opted for surrogacy to become parents:

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan: The popularity of AbRam , the third child of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, is not less than his parents. He is trolled on social media for his cuteness. AbRam was born through surrogacy in the year 2013. The couple had disclosed about the birth of a surrogated child but kept the name of surrogate mother secret.

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Ricky Martin: A popular Latin Singer Ricky Martin always wanted to be a father hence he chose to become a single parent of a kid through surrogacy. In 2008, twins were born to him through surrogacy. According to a report in Vanity’s Fair, Spanish edition, Martin had said that it would be no surprise if he would give his life for a woman who brought his sons to this world.

Amir Khan and Kiran Rao: Amir Khan and his second wife Kiran Rao when started to plan about a baby, she faced a lot of complications. Hence, the couple chose to have baby through surrogacy. Later in 2011, Azad Rao was born to the couple through surrogacy. 

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Tusshar Kapoor: Tusshar Kapoor has broken the stereotypes after he shared the news of becoming father on internet. He is a single parent of a baby boy Laksshya whom he has given birth through surrogacy.

Sarah Jessica Parker: The beautiful actress of ‘The Sex and The City’ is also a proud mother of twin girls through surrogacy. Her daughters were born in 2009 whose she named Tabitha and Marion.

Lucy Liu: In August, 2015, Lucy revealed that a new man has entered in his life. He was no one else but her son Rockwell Llyod Liu. She confirmed that her son was born through gestational surrogacy.