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AI System is Better than Human Doctors at Predicting Breast Cancer

by Aditi

When it comes to predicting breast cancer then artificial intelligence is better at it than a radiologist, according to the study of UK-US has done by Goggle health. To improve cancer care, number of this technology can be deployed to all the areas.

Early signs of cancer and catching these signs improve the chances of the treatment. And that is why in many countries women routinely screened for signs of breast cancer using an X-ray known as a mammogram.

In the UK, women who are in between the age of 51 and 70, every three years, they are invited for scan. The American Cancer Society recommends yearly scan for women between the age of 45and 54, and also suggests the women whose age is 55 or above should done a scan every one to two years.

But sometimes mammography is not always perfect. The radiologist can miss the signs, while some can prescribe harsh chemicals and surgical treatments for abrasion that might never have been the reason for causing cancer. According to the survey, over a period of 10 years, half of the women have done a mammogram will have a false-positive result.

With the research done by the Google health, various women who have a mammogram are resultant false, and to improve this condition the team has developed a technology that has reduced this case and giving the exact result.  According to the report of the team who performed the experiment to check which is better, AI or radiologists? Then the result of AI gave 11.5 percent better results than radiologists.

Now the team is also looking for more use of this technology to make the diagnosis better and more accurate.

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