Apple, Amazon, Google Partner to Bring Smart Devices Compatible

by Madhvi Bansal

Key Highlights

  • Big giants in the tech industry Apple Inc, Amazon Inc and Alphabet Inc are preparing to collaborate to make smart home products compatible with each other.


  • Zigbee alliance is said to associate with these giants to launch their smart home protocols by the end of 2020 under the common name “Connected Home over IP”.

Smart devices have taken over the market over the last few years. The demand has been increasing exponentially. Each brand has its own set of controllers and cables. For consumers who wish to buy the best of home products from different brands and unite them to work in unison can be practically impossible. This limits the future and competitors from around the world are trying to capitalize on this gap. Besides, that compatibility of the products with different brands can open new avenues and can help them expand their markets to a larger audience. This prompted the giants like Apple Inc, Amazon Inc and Alphabet Inc to collaborate and make smart home products for the future.

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Voice assistant products

Voice assisted products come at an affordable price and are very much connected to our smart phones. The idea behind this partnership is that to enable make everyday home products and devices to connect with the voice assistants from the giants Apple Inc, Amazon Inc and Alphabet Inc such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. In order to achieve this beat, they have partnered with the Zigbee alliance which is known for its linked brand IKEA and NXP Semiconductors.

People are obsessed with the voice assistants like Siri through their Apple products and Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant from the Android phones. They use it for fun now as they request to call someone or ask about something to get answers. With this new partnership, these voice assistants will evolve to make your home products smart with the “Connected Home over IP”.

Compatibility between brands has always been an issue with big tech giants. In order to create their own market brands try to create their own design and sockets. Even the operating systems are unique except for the fact android is considered universal. The times have changed and it is high time these tech giants have decided to make compatible devices that can work based on voice command from different brands.

It is to be noted that earlier this year, there had been an initiative from Amazon that allowed consumers to try and test multiple voice-assisted services from a single smart device. These smart devices are designed in such a way, it can only receive input voice commands from its list of own-brand devices. As per sources, this new partnership is considered rare and is happening now to compete with markets for voice-assisted devices from Europe and Asian counterparts. If the said compatibility is achieved, you can expect to connect many of your home appliances and other products over internet protocol.

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