Period Tips: Avoid Eating These Things In Period To Avoid Complications In Pregnancy

by Shatakshi Gupta

There are some body related problems that occur at an early stage of life of women, which later cause complications in conceiving baby. Today, the problem of PCOD and diseases like cervix cancer are making women very much worried. Due to these, the problem of infertility among women is increasing.

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 But on the brighter side, these problems can be avoided with some precautions. For this, you just have to adopt proper dietary habits during periods and make necessary improvements in lifestyle.

 Therefore, the best way to prevent every disease is to know better about your food. Know and understand what to eat and when not to eat. In this discussion, we will talk about, what you should not eat during periods so as to avoid the problem of PCOD.

Do not eat carbohydrates during periods

During periods you should avoid eating carbohydrates. By doing this, you will also get relief from pain and cramps during periods. So, as long as you have bleeding whether 3 days or 5 days, do not have such food.

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Besides avoid such foods for which your body has to work harder to digest it.  For example, you should avoid eating chapati, lentils, milk, curd, buttermilk etc.

 If you want to drink milk, then add some turmeric in it. But, if possible, consume lesser milk than other days. The digestion of milk takes more time which also cause gas in stomach, which can increase the periods pain.

Why you should not intake carbs during periods?

During periods, the body releases toxins out of the body through sweat and urine, along with bleeding from the body. The body needs extra energy to flush out these toxins. If during this time you will eat such food, which takes more body energy to digest, then these toxins will not be completely removed from your body.

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 If not flushed out properly ,then these toxins continuously accumulates inside the body and affects your general health as well as fertility. As soon as body suffers another health issue these toxins, already present in the body, start dominating and leads to a serious problem.

 What should you eat?

 Light and digestible food should be used during periods.  Like, khichdi, semolina stuff, idli-sambar, dosa or salted porridge etc.

Bleeding occurs during periods.  Therefore, you should consume iron rich food. So that the body does not experience weakness.  For this, you can eat iron rich digestible food, like, spinach, makhana, sweet potato, water chestnuts, green beans, etc.