Coronavirus Detection Through ‘Air-blow’: The Technique Jointly Developed By Israel And India Will Give Results Within A Minute

by Shatakshi Gupta

India and Israel together have prepared a revolutionary technology of super-rapid test of coronavirus.  Rapid testing research is now in the final stage and will be fully ready in the next few days. The aforementioned technique will confirm the Coronavirus test result in less than a minute. 

Israeli Ambassador to India Ron Malka gave this information in an interview to PTI.  He said that healthcare will be an important area for coordination between India and Israel in the coming times.

 How Rapid Test will work?

 This rapid test technology being prepared jointly by India and Israel will tell within a minute whether a person has Coronavirus infection or not.  For this, the person taking the test will need to simply blow the air in a tube through the mouth. During testing, the droplets with air reach the sensor fitted within when the patient blows into this kit. In this kit, a cloud system is also connected to the sensor, which tells the result of the patient when the sensor blows up.

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Ron Malka said that this would give results in 30 to 50 seconds.  He said that this is good news for the whole world.  It can be used at the airport and elsewhere.  Apart from this, the cost of this is also very low because there is no need to send samples to the lab for results. The results will be quick in this method

 India and Israel have jointly tested 4 test technologies.  A large number of samples were taken for these tests in India.  These techniques also include breath analysers and voice tests.  The technique has the ability to detect Coronavirus immediately.