Driving In Noida? A Fine Of 5500 Will Be Slapped From Tomorrow For Not Having HSRP

by Shatakshi Gupta

If you are a resident of Noida or Ghaziabad, then this is the news for you. Today, i.e., 15 April is the last date of the deadline given for fixing the High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) on your vehicle. From tomorrow onwards, a fine of Rs 5500 will be imposed on you for driving a vehicle without HSRP. However, you can avoid paying the fine by showing the application slip.If HSRP is not installed on your vehicle, then apply online as soon as possible so that at least, by showing the slip of the application, you will not be liable to pay a fine.

The state government had given time till April 15 to install high-security number plates in all the vehicles in Noida and Ghaziabad. This deadline is ending today and there was no information updated from the government till Wednesday evening to extend the deadline.

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At the same time, complying with the order of the apex court, the government is also compelled to complete this task soon. So, it is unlikely that government will extend this deadline further.

Not even half of the vehicles have HSRP 

Around 7.5 lakh vehicles in the district are registered with the RTO Department and more than two lakh vehiclesin the district are registered in other districts.  According to the record, this number plate is installed in only one and a half million vehicles.  The number of old vehicles in it is less than one and a half lakh.

What is High-Security Number Plate?

The High-Security Registration Plate is made of aluminium. It also has a hologram on which the engine and chassis number will be written. Ashoka Chakra is also depicted on it. The registration number of the vehicle owner is also present on this plate. Besides, a unique 7-digit laser code will also be inscribed on it, which will be different for every vehicle.

How to Apply online?
  • For applying online, you need to visit the website https://bookmyhsrp.com/Index.aspx.
  • Here, you will get two options, first, High-Security Registration Plate With Colour Sticker and second, only colour sticker.
  • Choose as per your choice and then fill-in the details of your vehicle.
  • After payment, an application receipt will be generated and at the scheduled time you can visit your agency to install this number plate.