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Instagram Suspended Hindustani Bhau’s Account, Know The Reason Behind This

by Shatakshi Gupta

Instagram has suspended Hindustani Bhau’s Instagram account.  There was a lot of ruckus about a video of him.  After this, many people had requested Instagram and its parent company Facebook to take action.  After so many complaints the account was finally suspended.

Puneet Sharma, Kunal Kamra and others complained

Lyricist Puneet Sharma reported against Hindustani Bhau’s video.  On August 20, he posted a screenshot on Facebook and told that Bhau’s account has been suspended.  In this shared photo, the message that brought the suspension from Instagram is seen. Apart from Puneet Sharma, many people had complained about the video of Hindustani Bhau. 

Among them was comedian Kunal Kamra, journalist Nikhil Wagle.  Kunal Kamra tagged Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh and Mumbai Police and wrote- ‘openly calling violence is a crime.  It is a step to gather the crowd and spread hatred.  This is very worrying.  This may lead to violence. Things like ‘ keep the system aside’ are an insult to our Constitution.’

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 It is said that earlier, Instagram had not taken any action on this video of Bhau.  Many people wrote that Instagram did not see any disturbance in this video.  But the action was taken after complaints increased.

What was in the video?

Hindustani Bhau had posted a video in the past, in his video, he had said inflammatory things about the alleged insult to God.  He is heard saying ‘system side, complaint side, now we have to just kill them’ and the video was full of strong language and slurs. The 2.09 minutes long video was later removed.  After that, the account was also suspended.

 Who is Hindustani Bhau?

 Real name is Vikas Pathak.  He Hails from Maharashtra. Last year, he joined ‘Bigg Boss’ as a contestant.  He made headlines by making abusive videos on social media.  His videos are liked by so many and had a separate fan base. He became famous from a video in which he said ‘Pehli Fursat me Nikal’.  However, in almost all his videos he uses strong language and talks about violence.  Recently, Anushka Sharma and Ekta Kapoor were attacked over the ‘Bulbul’ movie and ‘XXX’ web series.

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