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Pair play tennis between rooftops during coronavirus lockdown in Italy

by Aditi

In Italy, following the rules of physical distance under lockdown, two girls took up the new idea of ​​playing tennis and carried it out from their rooftops. Lockdown is implemented in countries around the world in order to prevent infection from COVID-19. People locked up in homes due to lockdown are devising new ways to end their boredom. If someone is trying a variety of recipes in the kitchen, then someone is handling the work of the salon and parlor very beautifully at home.

The local tennis club posted a 24-second video on its Facebook page on Friday. In this video, two girls are seen playing tennis in the best way. Both played 12 shots one after the other, not on any ground but standing on their roofs. The video has gone viral since it was posted and has gained nearly 7 million views on Twitter, 1.3 million views on Facebook and 4,50,000 views on Instagram.

One of these players, Vittoria, gave a statement that his coach had asked him to share the practice videos at home. A road runs between the two roofs, during practice, the ball also fell on this road several times.

People are going crazy with this new technique to get rid of boredom and to enjoy the limited resource. They are showing their support with tweets, comments, etc. even the celebrities, sportspersons also writing on their twitter profile and showing their interest in this video.

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Former NBA basketball player, Rex Chapman, known for his social media presence, wrote on Twitter and said, “most incredible thing you’ll see today”.

Piers Morgan also shared the video who has almost 7.3 million Twitter followers.

This Viral video shows the success of the #TennisAtHome campaign. Nearly 18,000 posts have referenced this hashtag and earning almost 400 million impressions and eight million interactions.

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