How to Start Net Banking of Bank of Baroda

by Madhvi Bansal
Bank of baroda

The trend of Internet banking is gaining popularity as it facilitates the customer to use banking facilities from the comfort of home without visiting the bank at any hour of the day. Various banks and financial institutions are incorporating this facility in their banking system in order to reach a wider set of audience. Bank of Baroda provides this facility to its customers with ‘Baroda Connect’. This facility is offered as an alternative to the traditional way of banking and to be more efficient in their services. This facility is available 24/7 on all days and can be customized depending upon retail and corporate customers. Savings account holders can assess this facility through their desktop or laptop. 

Steps to Register for Online Banking 

The steps to register and start Bank of Baroda Internet banking services are as follows – 

  • Visit the official page of Bank of Baroda and click on the link ‘Download Application Form’ 
  • You can download the application form or collect it from your base branch. 
  • Enter all the details required in the application form along with your signature. 
  • Submit the application form filled with your details to the branch you have an account in. 
  • Login ID and password for net banking will be sent to you via courier. 
  • With these given credentials you can log in to your online Bank of Baroda account. 

If, in case you haven’t logged in yet, follow the subsequent steps. 

  • Access the bank’s official page. 
  • Click on ‘Net Banking’ and select your country. 
  • You are now required to choose between corporate users and retail users. 
  • You will then be redirected to the login page wherein you are required to fill in your Customer ID and password. After entering the same, click on ‘Go’. 
  • Now terms and conditions screen will appear, which you are required to ‘Agree’ with to move further. 

Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking

Apart from net banking, in this smartphone age, mobile banking is attracting customers more as it makes it easier for them to avail the services of the bank on the go directly through their mobile devices. 

Bank of Baroda offers an application called ‘Baroda M-connect’ to its customers and bringing their banking facilities to customer’s fingertips. The application aids the customers to process transactions within few clicks with many banking operations such as fund transfer, avail savings account details, mobile recharge, settle utility bills, buy plane tickets and movie tickets, etc. 

Steps to Avail Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking Services 

The Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking Services can be availed by simply, 

  • Registering to Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking Services
  • Install Baroda M- Connect Plus mobile application
Registration Process

The customers can register for mobile banking services either through an ATM or through the bank branch. 

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Through ATM

To avail mobile banking services via ATM, the customer needs to follow the subsequent steps. 

  • The customer is required to visit the ATM and insert their card into the ATM machine, then enter their PIN when the machine prompts for it.
  • After the card validation, the customer is required to choose the ‘M-connect’ option and then click on the ‘Registration’ tab. 
  • The customer is then needed to enter their mobile number and click on ‘Confirm’. 
  • Once your mobile number is validated, a message of ‘Confirmed Registration’ is displayed on the screen. 
  • After successful registration, the customer would receive a SMS along with a URL link to download the mobile application, mPIN, and password. 
  • If the customer details are found invalid a message of ‘ Registration Failed’ would appear on the screen. The customer is to abide by the correct process or visit the bank branch. 
Through Bank

To avail the Mobile Banking Services via bank, the customer needs to follow the mentioned steps. 

  • Visit the nearest branch and fill in the registration form. 
  • After successful registration, a SMS will be sent to the customer’s mobile number containing the app link for downloading, mPIN and application password.