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A paranormal expert claims that he talked to Sushant’ soul

by Shatakshi Gupta

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, there has been a debate on nepotism in Bollywood on social media and television media.  Many celebrities and users say that circumstances were created for Sushant that he was forced to commit suicide.  Police are doing the investigation in the case.  Only after the police report will be found out why Sushant committed suicide.  Meanwhile, video of paranormal expert Steve Huff is going viral.  Steve claims that he has spoken to the soul of Sushant.  A few days ago he released his first video.  Now the second part of this session has come.

 Steve Huff claims to contact spirits via a machine, which he calls ‘spirit box’.  He says that he asked many questions to Sushant’s soul.  When Steve asks the question, the answer comes from the machine.  Steve asks ‘what happened before your death?’  In response to this, a voice comes from the machine, which says “There was a lot of debate with one man.”

 Steve further asks, ‘Has anyone murdered you?’  In response, the voice says, “They bought the nail.” Steve also claimed that Sushant said that he is very good where he is and that he has wings like an angel.  Steve explains that Sushant is also accompanied by another man.

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When Steve says “ you said that there was a lot of debate with someone, what happened then?” The answer from the machine states that “Now it’s all over.” Steve continued, “My first video was watched by millions.  They want to hear from you.” To this, the answer comes, “I only want to answer you.”

Steve had the first session on 13 July.  In a video shared on YouTube, Steve is asking Sushant, “You remember how you died?” As soon as Steve asks the question, the machine gives a voice in English, “Here is light, huff, tell them I have got light. Now, this light is slowing down.  They are watching you.  I really wanted to meet God.”

Steve has been claiming to talk to spirits for 10 years. However, he is facing criticism over this and many are calling it a publicity stunt.

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