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Delhi Traffic Police to Withdraw 1.5 Lakh E-challans

by Madhvi Bansal

Traffic Police in Delhi has planned to take back about 1.5 Lakh e-challans that are issued earlier between August 10 and October 10. These challans were issued to the people who were over speeding on the National Highways.

When asked what the reason behind the withdrawal of challans was, one of the officers to a news channel said, “The reason behind the withdrawal of these challans was that the PWD had put up a signboard of speed limit of 70 km/hr while the challans were issued for speeding over 60 km/hr on national highway. We decided to take back the challans after receiving a lot of complaints.”

These challans for over-speeding were said to have given on National Highway 24 between Nizamuddin Bridge and Ghazipur, which is close to Delhi – UP border, according to the traffic police. The issue is that even after the traffic police prompted PWD officials to change the speed limit board to 60 km/hr, the officials did not change it. Now the traffic police have taken things into control by changing the settings in Highway cameras to implement the proper speed limit, said the officer.

Most of the drivers have already paid their fines and they might even look for a refund following this decision to withdraw existing e-challans. But the traffic police do not seem to have an answer for the refund process if someone requests. According to a senior police officer, only based on some drivers who pointed out the mistake in the over speeding charges, the decision to take back challans has been initiated. If this case comes before the court for the hearing, it could even create embarrassment for the Traffic officials as there are no valid points to defend such huge fines related to over speeding as the car drivers were not guilty of the charges.

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